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SPAM ALERT: It appears someone is using my domain name in the return address on a large number of recent spam messages. I had nothing to do with this, and have no control over it; anyone can forge any return address they want onto an email, and there is nothing that the actual owner of the address or domain can do about it.

This site is maintained by Kevin Shaum, programmer, occasional blogger, recovering political pundit, and accidental webmaster.

I am @kevinshaum on Twitter, and Tinker LaFollette on Second Life. I am also on FriendFeed.

If your surname is Shaum, and you would like an mail alias, or would like to refer to your website, contact me, and I'll be happy to set it up.

If you have business with Shaum Electric Company, Inc., of Elkhart, Indiana, their site is at I am not affiliated with them; though I do sometimes get email intended for them.

I have recently received a number of emails addressed to ''. This address is incorrect, and I don't know who the mail is intended for. If you are the intended recipient, or know who is, please contact me.

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